28-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
I got a bunch of free planters and wanted to see if I could grow some stuff. I need some dirt and seeds or seedlings. Anything will do! Thank you!
26-Jul-2018Bristol, VA +9 milesItems Wanted
3 bike high mounted rear cycle carrier needed. Thanks!
25-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for clean and empty Voss water bottles. These are to be used for preschooler calming bottles and activity bottles for my grandkids. Thank you!
25-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
My three year old granddaughter absolutely loves playing dress up. I had saved my grandmother s costume jewelry for forty years. I lost hope of every having a girl in the family after two sons and three grandson so about eight years ago I gave it to someone on this list who asked for costume jewelry for a craft project. Surprise! at an age when other people are having great-grandchildren I fina...
23-Jul-2018Bristol, VA +9 milesItems Wanted
Looking for crafts to help with memory after recent medical condition and brain surgery. Thank you.
19-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
Baby is 1 weighs about 25 lbs.in real need of a nice car seat
19-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
In need of a decent priced or free mattress and box springs .gull size or larger.thanks
19-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
Our grandson is outgrowing his crib and my ability to lift him in and out. Looking for a twin sized toddler bed that sits low. We'll have a mattress, just need the bed. Thank you!
16-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
We are throwing a suprise 85th birthday for my grandmother, but flowers and decorations are running much more than i expected! My great aunt is letting us have at her house and has invited all of my mamaws friends (and shes well loved!), so what was originally 15 has turned to 40. Im a bit nervous! Now its three rooms and an entranceway, rather than just one room. We are doing a summer garden t...
16-Jul-2018Bristol, TN +9 milesItems Wanted
Description: im looking for a ram air hood for a 1994 firebird
7-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a working sewing machine in decent shape. Raising grandson, both of us disabled, and he's a big kid. I need to be able to hem his pants so they fit him. Also would like to be able to make things for him. Thank you.
7-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
Looking for clothes that will fit through the rest of the year for my grandson. He's growing fast. Almost out of the 3/4 summer stuff he has. Will need size 4 pants and up to size 6 through winter at least. Thank you.
4-Jul-2018Kingsport, TN +21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for any car audio good or bad new or old.
4-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
I am a divinity student and I read and study outdoors quite a lot as I find it much more peaceful and easier to focus, but often even light rain drives me inside to protect my books and papers... So if you have a large umbrella 6-ft or larger (a golf or picnic table type) that you no longer use it would be a great help to me, please let me know. TIA :) have a good day!
3-Jul-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
I sleep on a couch that folds out into a bed, but the mattress is a combo with the springs built in below an inch or so of cushion *sigh* I am in need of a Double aka Full Size (not XL) futon mattress, prefer 4-inch or thicker due to the spring coils that poke up against bony hips knees and back and make sleep nearly impossible. Please let me know if you have one you no longer use or need, and ...
24-Jun-2018Kingsport, TN +21 milesItems Wanted
Need a room divider to block off the kitchen from the rest of the house. We have one window air conditioner for a 2 bedroom house and have door closed for bathroom and 2nd bedroom but the back room where we sleep will still not get cool. We are hoping that if we block of the kitchen then the air will go to the back of the house where the bedroom is.
16-Jun-2018Kingsport, TN +21 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for the mechanical parts for a swival rocker chair. The condition of the chair is not important, just the mechanical parts are.
13-Jun-2018Bristol, VA +9 milesItems Wanted
I am refurbish my house and could do with a double bed and mattress. If anyone is looking to rehome please let me know :) thanks
1-Jun-2018Johnson City, TN +12 milesItems Wanted
need 4 or 5 big truck loads,some concrete ok
29-Apr-2018Bristol, VA +9 milesItems Wanted
I have two babies and no washer and I can't afford the laundry mat I need a washer badly .
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